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If you are looking for a crane services provider that can get to places normal people cannot typically get too. We have a large, industrial-sized crane that gets to enormous heights. We offer an array of services and specialties that complement our cranes' abilities to reach higher places. Some of the services we provide include general contracting services such as painting, pressure washing, and neon sign repair. Our auger truck allows us to provide professional and cost-effective services that other crane companies couldn't hope to match. When it comes to painting, we are able to get too far higher places that other professional painters could not get to without a ladder. We apply this same type of reach to some of the other services we offer such as pressure washing. With our crane, we are able to wash places that haven't seen a good clean in years such as a roof or gutter system. If you own signage that is need of replacement, then feel free to call us. Our friendly and helpful operators are here for you!


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Overhead Painting

When it comes to the paint on your home, the variety of colors that can be placed on the inside and outside of your home is only half the battle. The other half of the battle is the need to apply a nice and even coat to make sure that every part of your home looks fantastic. While some painting companies use ladders to try and hit their target spots, our overhead painting services are a step above that. With our crane, we are able to get to any out of reach place that you can possibly desire. This allows for a more complete paint job and one that will really stand out from the crowd. Some of the places we can get to include; the roof, out of reach siding and so much more! If you are looking for the most through painting job of your life, then look no further than Eleas Sign & Crane Service today!

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Power Washing

If you notice that your deck or floor seems a little grungy or a little dirty then feel free to give us a call. Our power washing service, when combined with our crane, allows us to get both underneath your deck and provide an excellent wash to your carpets as well. While a pressure or power wash might be good for your decks, if you want a more cautious approach to your carpeting, we offer a delicate yet powerful steam cleaning service that can get almost any stain out of your carpet. When we begin to clean your carpet we carefully measure the exact amount of pressure and steam intensity to make sure that any stain in your carpet is removed with the least amount of wear on your carpet as possible. Our potent combination of intense water pressure and heat lifts any stain up to the service and allows to pushed right off. If you are looking for the best possible results for your carpet, then look no further than us. Feel free to contact us at (423) 538-7425 for more information.

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Stadium Repair

One of our most requested jobs, we get called to do is stadium repair. Stadium repair is a multifaceted job that can encompass a variety of smaller but no less important work. This can include; stadium lighting, neon repair, LED Billboards repair, and general lighting repair. Stadium lighting can be as simple as just replacing a single bulb to replacing a whole billboard. With our crane, these types of jobs are typically trivial matters. When it comes to neon signage, it can sometimes be as simple as replacing a few argon tubes in order to bring the color of the sign back to life. No matter how high up it may be we have the expertise to get it done. Large scale billboards are something that we have a unique specialty in. Our crane allows us to fix billboards that are many feet off of the ground. If you are in need of emergency sign repair, then don’t hesitate to call Eleas Sign & Crane Service of Bluff City, TN today! We are here to help.


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